Uncles and Salsa

Not all of you are lucky enough to have an uncle who sends you suprise food packages at the begining of your week. Over the years I have been the recipient of some extremely cool and widely varied gifts from my food loving uncle, who hasn't wanted me to miss out on some of the more exotic and unique food stuffs he has stumbled across.

Today's gift box contained fresh salsa and chips from Arizona. The minute I stepped in the door from work this evening I was handed my gifts and immediately opened both taking a huge bite of perfectly spicy, deliciously smokey salsa. How did he know we were eating fish tacos for dinner? The pairing was perfect. 

Ok, so on to the chips and salsa.

Chips from Alejandro's Tortilla and Bakora
Salsa: Coffee Infused Chipotle Salsa from Burnt Orange Gourmet Foods.

The reason for the gift? As my uncle put it "where else you gonna find coffee infused salsa!" Ok, my Minnesota foodies. I have a challenge for you! What mid-west food should I send back to Arizona? (Penzy's and Tea Source have already been emissaries of our great land.)