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Hands-On Asian-Fusion Cooking Class



Don an apron and hop in the kitchen with me as we whip up an Asian-inspired menu. Learn how to fill and roll tasty spring rolls alongside a sweet and tangy Nuoc Chom dipping sauce.  Master the basics of pan-frying, reductions and glazing chicken, along-side perfect steamed rice. Blanch and saute green beans with a sweet, salty almond sauce that we will request you not eat all of until the rest of the class can join you. Finish the meal with the easiest lemon tart I know how to make (convince your friends you slaved for hours).

I'll demo each recipe before we begin and share some tips on meal planning and tools that will save you time. Your team of two will make one of three recipes, but there will be plenty of time to walk around the kitchen and observe (and taste) food each group is making. Come alone and get paired up or bring a friend.


  • Spring Rolls w/Nuoc Chom Dipping Sauce
  • Cold Green Bean Salad with Soy-Glazed Almonds
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken with Easy Basmati
  • Yuzu and Meyer Lemon Tart with Wild Huckleberry Preserves