Potstickers with Princesses

This week I had the privilege of making potstickers with two of my favorite three-year-olds, who didn't let fancy ballgown dresses slow them down at all. These lovely ladies are old hands at making these delicious dumplings and jumped right in as we cut the dough into pieces...

and then rolled and flattened them with my tortilla press.

The girls delicately wet the outside of the dough, filled and then folded the potstickers in half.

The filling was a mix of things I had in my fridge (tofu, kale, mushrooms and ginger) simmered in soy sauce and sesame oil. 

We steamed and them gulped them down. 

Our dumpling recipe was by Andrea Nguyen and can be found here. Our recipe was loosely based off her Steamed Vegetable Dumpling in my favorite dumpling cookbook: Asian Dumplings.