Siete de Mayo

Today we celebrated Cinco de Mayo at Romp with the making of quesadillas.

I've made corn tortillas a few different ways, but you can't go wrong by following the instructions on the back of a Bob's Red Mill Masa Harina bag. Basically you want to add enough water to the corn flour so the dough feels like playdough - not too dry, not too sticky. I love using a food processor for this, but you can mix by hand as well.

I few months ago I bought a tortilla press and it has seen quite a bit of action. To keep the dough from sticking to the press, I cut the side seams of a gallon ziploc bag. The bag lines the press perfectly.

Here are two of my favorite Rompers demonstrating the technique. Not having any fun at all...


We toasted the tortillas in a hot pan, filled them with cheddar cheese and dove in. Very tasty!